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Our Planning Process

Our approach to financial planning is defined by a process that provides you with the guidance you need to make informed decisions. By taking a holistic, comprehensive approach, we work with you and your existing advisors to ensure your financial plan is coordinated and fully integrated.

The first step of our process will determine if or to what extent we should work together. There is no cost, obligation or pressure for this second opinion of your previous planning.

Step 1: Introductory Stage 

  • Discuss your forward-looking vision, values, goals, & objectives
  • Review the level of planning, if any, that you have already completed
  • Identify areas where we may be able to help improve your situation
  • Quote your precise planning fee 

Step 2: Comprehensive Data Gathering

  • Formalize our working relationship
  • Gather appropriate financial data, such as statements, legal documents, etc.
  • Refine your vision, your values, and your goals

Step 3: Financial Plan Design

  • Analyze and evaluate current financial status
  • Review relevant design solutions
  • Discuss pros/cons of each alternative
  • Model, project, and compare the selected combination of solutions
  • Prepare preliminary financial plan.

Step 4: Formal Financial Plan Presentation

  • Present final financial plan document
  • Select & prioritize those strategies to be implemented
  • Coordinate the efforts of your other advisors, as necessary

Step 5: Implementation

  • Review and recommend specific financial instruments necessary to implement financial plan.
  • Coordinate the efforts of your other advisors, as necessary
  • Although you have no obligation to implement your plan with us, many clients choose to implement their insurance and investment recommendations with us.

Step 6: Review & Service

  • Analyze ongoing issues.
  • Make adjustments as your situation changes.
  • Keep financial planning updated/current.