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Estate Planning & Asset Protection

Having the proper estate plan in place is crucial to a sound financial plan. Failing to have the proper trust documents in place can have a dramatic impact on the lives of your family. There are many reasons that a proper estate plan is important, but the four major ones are:

  1. Avoid Probate and delays in settling the estate
  2. Reduce Estate Costs
    • burial expenses
    • probate and administration fees
    • federal and state taxes
    • And the federal estate tax.
  3. Unexpected Disinheritance (ensuring the surviving spouse does not disinherit assets meant to go to the children of the deceased.)
  4. Protection from litigation, divorce and creditors

Our estate planning services are designed to ensure that your documents are properly structured and help mitigate these issues.

Through the planning process we provide the following services:

  • Will and Trust Design Strategies
  • Property ownership alternatives (review of titling to coordinate with your overall plan)
  • Estate Tax Reduction Techniques
  • Life Insurance Analysis
  • Qualified Plan Distribution Alternatives
  • Family-Gifting Strategies
  • Charitable Planning
  • Employee stock option analysis